Beijing XINLE Machinery & Equipment Co. is a dependable manufacturer of rock drilling bits used for heavy duty applications. Our high quality drill bits are extremely tough and durable, cutting through rock for jobs like construction, mining, tunneling, and more. XINLE ensures the production of high quality products by utilizing raw materials from trusted suppliers. Each and every drill bit produced by XINLE undergoes thorough inspection and testing to ensure that our customers are delivered products that perform as they should, no matter what. Contact us today to learn more! Read More

Featured Products

XINLE has nearly 20 years of experience producing rock drilling tools. The cemented carbide button bits, which are used for rock drilling can be divided into two series: Drag bits and button bits.

  • Button Drill Bits

    The top hole hammer bits, sometimes called button bits, are comprised of a cemented carbide button and bit body.

  • Carbide Cross Cut Bit

    The carbide cross bit produced by XINLE uses super coarse grain YG11C, increasing the hardness and fracture toughness to 30% through a compression sintering process.

  • Chisel Carbide Bits

    The carbide tipped rock drill bits are produced using precision presses to ensure they are homogeneous in density, having excellent wear resistance and long service life.

  • Carbide Y-Cross Cut Drill Bit

    XINLE provides customers with superior stepped drag bits in a size range from 64mm to 130mm.

  • Drag Bits

    Chevron drag bits are suitable for the drilling of some softer layers of rock formations, such as carbonatite, limestone, chalks, clay rocks, siltstone, sandstone and so on.

  • Chisel Type Bit

    The drilling efficiency of chisel ripped rock drill bit is better than that of carbide cross cut thread bits, usually pairing well with B22 drilling rods and rock drills.

  • Down-the hole Drill Bits

    The Down-the hole drill bits are typically paired with DTH impacters, which perform difficult drilling tasks that require plines and impacters. The DTH hammer bit has the advantages of straight drilling, fast drilling speed, and deep-hole drilling.

  • Road planine and Trenching Bit

    The carbide tipped grading bits are super wear-resistant parts fitting with excavators used in the drilling of gullies, pavement, hillsides and foundation engineering.

  • Coal Cutting Bit

    The PDC diamond bits can be divided into three types: A, B, C3.
    Type A is suitable for the drilling of hard coal layers and rocks.
    Type B is suitable for wet drilling, and the drilling of hard coal layers and rocks.

  • Coupling sleeve

    Coupling sleeves are usually used in extension rod connection, and the function is transmitting the impact energy from the rock-drill piston and the rotation torque into the drill rod without losses.

  • Drilling Parts

    In our 20 years of production experience, we found that what the customers needs is not only the bit but accessories for their drill as well. During the working process, some dill rig accessories such as bushings and slips are often destroyed.

  • Stamping

    The Stamping has high dimensional accuracy and is uniform in size with the module, which can fulfil the desire of assembling and conform to service requirements without further machining.