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XINLE has nearly 20 years of experience producing rock drilling tools. The cemented carbide button bits, which are used for rock drilling can be divided into two series: Drag bits and button bits.

Drag bits:

Drag bits can be divided into four types: the chisel tipped rock drill bit, the carbide tipped rock drill bit, the carbide cross cut thread bit, and the stepped drag bits. The blade of the bits is designed to withstand pressure from the front, because the blade is integrated with the steel body through tough welds. The lateral faces of the drag bits touch the rocks directly, meaning the bit needs to be sturdy, with anti-shock ability, and excellent radial abrasion resistance. The drag bit can drill any kind of rocks.

Button bits:

The button bits have the advantages of low probability of inactivation, high penetration rate, good ruggedness and high utilization ratio of tungsten carbide. The button bits can be used on any kinds of hard rocks, especially in deep-hole drilling, which solves the puzzles that the drag bits need to frequently replace the body bit.

The connection of bits:

The button bit can be divided into two series: Taper connection and threaded connection. Taper connection bits are applicable for smaller diameter bits and are usually used for B22 and B25 drill rod connections. Threaded connections is usually applicable to bigger diameter bits. According to the diameter of the drill rod, the rock thread bit comes in R22, R28, R32, R38, T30, T38, T45, T51 and other connection types.

The bit materials:

The bit is made from WC-Co cemented carbides through sintering at high temperature, which can maintain 86-93 HRC and 3500-6000 Mpa at higher temperatures.

All Products
    1. Button Drill BitsThe top hole hammer bits, sometimes called button bits, are comprised of a cemented carbide button and bit body. The cutters of the button bit arrange freely, which can determine the number and locations of the gauge buttons and front buttons reasonably according to the diameter of the drill holes and the rock-breaking load. The diameter of the bits will not be affected.
    1. Carbide Cross Cut BitThe carbide cross bit produced by XINLE uses super coarse grain YG11C, increasing the hardness and fracture toughness to 30% through a compression sintering process.
      The drag bit is a sharp wedged bit, which can increase penetrating efficiency, and the advantage becomes apparent when drilling into harder rocks or the rock drill is underpowered.
    1. Chisel Carbide BitsThe carbide tipped rock drill bits are produced using precision presses to ensure they are homogeneous in density, having excellent wear resistance and long service life. This makes them suitable for high-power rock drills to drill through complex and hard rock formations. The drag bit is widely used in various mining operations, including coal mining, iron-ore mining, gold mining, copper mining, and lead-zinc mining.
    1. Carbide Y-Cross Cut Drill BitXINLE provides customers with superior stepped drag bits in a size range from 64mm to 130mm. Stepped drag bits are typically used in drilling soft rock layers such as sand, clay, and so on. They are not suitable for hard rock drilling.
    1. Drag BitsChevron drag bits are suitable for the drilling of some softer layers of rock formations, such as carbonatite, limestone, chalks, clay rocks, siltstone, sandstone and so on. Compared with the common drilling bits, the drilling result of the chevron drag bits is superior.
    1. Chisel Type BitThe drilling efficiency of chisel ripped rock drill bit is better than that of carbide cross cut thread bits, usually pairing well with B22 drilling rods and rock drills. The reaming bit has the advantages of simple manufacture technology, low-cost, easy use, and is suitable for various types of rocks. These bits are commonly used in various fields such as mines, tunneling and construction-building projects.
    1. Down-the hole Drill BitsThe DTH hammer bits produced by XINLE are made from YG11C tungsten carbide, which have more buttons and the service life of the bits can increase by more than 15%.
      The DTH hammer bits are produced with large diameters, which give the bits higher wear resistance. Customers can customize the most suitable bits according to different hardness of rocks.
    1. Road planine and Trenching BitQuality is everything when it comes to carbide tipped grading bits and wear bit parts.
      We have identified the best manufacturers that have high quality control standards. You might be able to find these parts cheaper, but you should consider the wear life and the quality before you buy. We have the experience and we work with the best vendors for these products.
    1. Coal Cutting BitThe PDC diamond bits can be divided into three types: A, B, C3.
      Type A is suitable for the drilling of hard coal layers and rocks.
      Type B is suitable for wet drilling, and the drilling of hard coal layers and rocks.
      Type C is suitable for common coal layers drilling.
    1. Coupling sleeveCoupling sleeves are usually used in extension rod connection, and the function is transmitting the impact energy from the rock-drill piston and the rotation torque into the drill rod without losses. It must bear the shock of up to 6300 blows transmitting from the piston continually. The sleeve greatly enhances endurance and reliability.
    1. Drilling PartsIn our 20 years of production experience, we found that what the customers needs is not only the bit but accessories for their drill as well. During the working process, some dill rig accessories such as bushings and slips are often destroyed. Considering this, XINLE can not only provide bits for you, but also produce the Drilling Parts such as impact pistons and bushings based on your needs.
    1. StampingThe Stampings are manufactured through stamping on the premise of low material consumption. The parts are light in weight, highly rigid, and after plastic deformation, the internal structure of the metal is improved, and the strength of the Stampings is optimized.
    1. Investment castingThe process of investment casting is somewhat complicated, which is suitable for the machining of high accuracy demanding and complicatedly shaped components. The best advantage of investment casting is that the castings produced feature excellent dimensional tolerance and better surface finish.
    1. FOB Price sheetBeijing XINLE Machinery & Equipment Co. is a manufacturer of high quality rock drilling bits with many years of industry experience. We have exported a significant amount of drillings tools to America, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Taiwan. XINLE has earned the satisfaction of customers around the world through high quality products and consistency.
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