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XINLE has nearly 20 years of history producing rock drilling tools and we employ mature technological processes optimized for the production of rock drilling tools, such as investment casting, high frequency induction heating, tempering treatment and so on. The cemented carbide button bits produced by XINLE, which are used for rock drilling are produced in two series: Drag bits and button bits.


The bit is made from WC-Co cemented carbides through sintering at high temperature, which can maintain 86-93 HRC and 3500-6000 Mpa at higher temperatures.

Investment casting:

The process of investment casting is somewhat complicated, which is suitable for the machining of high accuracy demanding and complicatedly shaped components. The best advantage of investment casting is that the castings produced feature excellent dimensional tolerance and better surface finish, which can reduce the machining work, that is, only need to do a little processing in the higher requirement parts. Some castings can be used directly without secondary processing. Another advantage is that investment casting can make many complex alloy castings, some complex castings can hardly be completed by mechanical processing, and the investment casting process can not only achieve bulk-production, but also ensure the consistency of castings.

Investment casting not only saves time compared to machining, but also saves raw materials and reduces production costs.

High-frequency induction heating:

The workpiece surfaces heat evenly and quickly, which reduces the oxidation of the surface and workpiece deformation.


After quenching, the internal material tension increases, in that case, tempering treatment is necessary for eliminating internal stress and increasing tenacity.

It is known that the most important aspect to ensure the reliability of product quality is the testing process. XINLE has a strict quality testing system, which includes integral flaw detection and thread detection, etc, to provide our customers with the best quality products. Each of our products has been carefully checked to fulfill special critera before delivery.

Quality inspection
  • Integral flaw detection
  • Thread detection
  • Hardness Tester

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